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Hello current & future DPHIE PARENTS!


Welcome to Delta Phi Epsilon's Alpha Gamma Chapter at Florida International University. This opportunity is an investment in your daughters future here at FIU. This organization allows her to grow and surround herself with women that are involved, dedicated and excel within the community.


Our chapter is dedicated to prioritize your daughters growth through her academic and career goals. With our International Headquarters P.E.A.R.L (Personal Enrichment Activities for Responsible Living) Program, this ensures as well as assisting her in excelling within self, service, scholarship, sisterhood and social environments. 


Delta Phi Epsilon is a home for not just her but you as well! We hope you keep up to date with all of the Dphie events and we hope to see you there as well! Thank you for sharing with us as well, the impact your daughter can make within our chapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will my daughter benefit from greek life?

A. Greek life at Florida International University is an opportunity for students to be more connected with the community and meet more students with the same values and drive as your daughter. It is a chance for them to see college differently and make and meet friends and supporters that will be there for them during this experience.

Q. What time commitment is there?

A. With all on campus involvement there is a required amount of time your daughter must participate in order to be an active sister of our chapter. There is a required weekly chapter meetings on Thursday nights on campus. There are also events planned through the year that are also required. But all other greek life events and activities are completely optional, it is up to your daughter a of how involved she would like to be in our chapter! We do have sisters that balance full time course work, a job and Dphie as well as other involvements!

Q. I am concerned of the stereotypes of greek life? 

A. Majority of the stereotypes of greek life are from movies and the media, portraying greek life with little information of what really happens. We do have social events but these do not include alcohol. FIU has a strict policy on organizations functions, we prioritize your daughters safety at all times and do not condone any activity that relates to the stereotype

Q. What is Dphie's hazing policy?

A. Hazing is defined as any act or intention that imposes physical or mental strain/ embarrassment to one individual. Delta Phi Epsilon has a very strict no hazing policy, we do not tolerate any act that would fall under this definition. It is clearly stated in IHQ handbook as well as in Florida International University's policy. Any violation of this policy can lead to termination of said organization and legal repercussions from those involved.

Q. How will this affect my daughters grades?

A. With your daughters commitment to our organization, it should not hinder her priority to attain her college education. We have tools and resources from our Vice President of Academic Affairs to help her study and find sisters on the same degree path. There is also a GPA requirement for active sisters to uphold, and if they fall behind we assist them with prioritizing school.

Q. How is Dphie different from other organizations on campus?

A. Our Dphie is a unique chapter with sisters that help support one another and push one another to be their best and give it their all. We are filled with girls that are involved, have different hobbies, come from different backgrounds, and most of all our chapter is filled with committed and loving women, with the same intent to uplift one another. We live everyday to keep Justice, Sisterhood and Love in everything and anything we do. If your daughter found a home in Dphie, we promise to cherish her and make sure she never forgets how one of a kind and loved she is. This sisterhood was founded on the basis of heart and kindness. Esse Quam Videri; to be rather than to seem to be, and we will always make sure she is her best and most genuine self. These are the qualities Alpha Gamma exemplifies and each individual sister your daughter is surrounding herself with, is going to make her into the woman she is going to be.

This is Delta Phi Epsilon.  

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