Our chapter of Alpha Gamma

was established on April 16th 1989 based on the founding principles, that to this day, brings our sorority together: Justice, Sisterhood and Love. With our colors proudly represented: Royal Purple and

Pure Gold.


Our Crest

With our motto at the bottom ribbon 

spelling out Esse Quam Videri which means: to be rather than to seem to be.  

Our Flower

The lovely purple Iris containing our

colors royal purple and pure gold.

Our Mascot

The unicorn a mystical creature, symbolizing uniqueness, magic and love.


Our Jewel

The Pearl: a calming gem, a symbol of wisdom and luck.



"Justice is extremely important understand. To know that everyone comes from different backgrounds or beliefs but we still respect everyone regardless of what they might do or believe in. Being fair to everyone."

Kelsey Murrell



"Dphie's sisterhood has blessed me with such an incredible group of women to look up to as role models. It has given me a group of sisters that support me in everything I do.  To be able to grow and be guided by women who care and want me to be the best version of myself is something I will forever be thankful for."

Sarah Molina



"Love is probably the answer to everything at the end of the day. Love isn't as easy as it sounds either because sometimes it's hard to practice, but thats what makes love so special. Dphie has taught me the importance of loving myself and others even when it's hard. Love is a sacrifice but love is worth it"

Gabriela Velasco